Derek Webb

Tonight I am going to see one of the most provocative and outstanding (living) artists, Derek Webb.

 I recall first meeting Derek Webb in 1999 after a show at Calvin College. I’m not expecting him to remember me, but I gave him a significant set of books… We’ll see if he remembers the books.

 Derek has produced mainstream music with Christian themes through “Caedmon’s Call”, but has been more on the fringe with his solo work. I think I like the solo work the best. I say that he is provocative because he challenges conventional conservative thinking on the Church, Politics, and daily Christian living. Good stuff!

 Check out a few of these links of you like (he’s also on facebook and myspace):

Derek Webb – Wikipedia

 Derek Webb’s .com

 There are tons of interesting interviews online (just google “Derek Webb interviews” to see)

Here is a good one:


4 responses to this post.

  1. I cannot wait for the FULL report!


  2. I’m so glad to learn I’m not the only one fascinated by Derek Webb’s music; I have certainly taken a lot of flack from the Unenlightened for this! I find myself constantly challenged by one thing or another that he says in his music, even in my politics–even though I’m not a “Christian conservative” by a long, long shot. I hope he won’t lose that edge now that he’s joined Caedmon’s Call again, but rather, that the band will be enriched by it.

    You gave him all four volumes of à Brakel?! That’s outstanding. Every soul on earth can use a heavy dose of the Nadere Reformatie, and all the more so if they’re public figures! Of course, I have to remember next time to be smart about it all and not give away my own set, thinking that I’ll be easily able to replace it. Ah, confident foolishness!


  3. That was a fun night, eh Shawn. Good ol’ Baker Book House. What a place.


  4. Derek Webb’s new album “Stockhold Syndrome” features the singer and songwriter at his all-time best, in my opinion. It is his first solo album since 2008’s “The Ampersand EP,” which featured Sandra McCracken. “Stockholm Syndrome,” features a new side of Webb and has been called “controversial” by Christian media even amongst great reviews by Christianity Today and Christian Manifesto.



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