I know, I know…Well here’s a Colbert Report!

I have been bloglectful. Sorry.

It seems like I just don’t have time. And don’t even expect me to blog next week… seriously I am working Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri. With a wedding Saturday.

So…I’ll figure something out.

I guess I’ll post this – Looks like a few people are “On Notice”


That’s right, baby! You better check yo-self, befo’ you wreck yo-self.

1) Empire of the United States – I got news for you, America – You better start living up to your name. I was thinking “The International Police Force” but I think “Empire” will suffice! When we going to change our name? I’ve got my eye on you, and I’m sure your’s is on me. Consider yourself On Notice!

2) Hollywood-distracted media – Hey media… guess what. There is more interesting things to report about than what those lame sub-humans in Hollywood did today… it’s called the news. Try reporting some. Consider yourself On Notice!

3) Hollywood-distracted Hollywood – Hey Hollywood, QUIT BEING SO VAIN! Get a life. Consider yourself On Notice!

4) Ron Paul – Hey Paul, why are you such an enigma? You confuse us. You want to getrid of the income tax, abortion, and get our troops home, and protect our borders? Don’t you know that being consistent is anti…political? We’ve never been a Republic, so why start now? Don’t you know that we are an Empire? Consider yourself On Notice!

5) Children painting toys with lead – You can tell what kind of society we live in today when we have children painting toys with lead. I mean can’t China get some people more… competent? I am outraged! Our children of the Empire need to have all the quality non-lead paint toys they want! China, you better get this straightened out… better yet, we should get the global police on it. Let’s send letters to the President, America. Consider yourself On Notice!

6) Global Warming – I’ve got 6 words for you. “Al Gore -Nobel Peace Prize Winner”. You better come to terms, and find some kind of compromise, because we aint gonna stop until you come to peace with America… and everybody else. Consider yourself On Notice!

7) i-Tunes University – Wha? You can’t be giving away education! This is an Empire built on Capital principles. Education belongs to the government. And what’s that seminary stuff doing up there? There is a separation between Church and State. Consider yourself On Notice!

8) Nathan Eshelman – … Consider yourself On Notice!


7 responses to this post.

  1. Dude, that hysterical.


  2. Make that “that’s hysterical”.


  3. I don’t get it. Neither does Nate.


  4. You would only get it if you knew what the Colbert Report was… here’s a clue… google “Colbert Report”, and check out clips on Comedy Central and YouTube. Then tell me what you think.


  5. Dude….that rocks!


  6. Go Colbert! As wacky and wierd as he is, I’d vote for him.


  7. Colbert funny guy.


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