as the waters cover the seas…

I have had visitors here since last Wednesday, so my blog has been dead (fun to blame it on the visitors).

We had an excellent conference on Evangelism this past weekend. Dr Murray challenged us greatly by the Motivation to Evangelize, the Message of the Gospel, and the Methods of the Church to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom.

You can listen to the Sermons HERE

We plan on listening to them again, and hopefully within the next few weeks have an informal followup meeting so that we don’t lose the instruction that we received, but instead apply such to our hearts and hands and feet.

Here are some other resources as well:

1) How can I tell others about Jesus in a manner that is nonthreatening but yet convincing?

2) – Audio files on Evangelism

3)  Rev. Ian Hamilton on Evangelism

4)  The Biblical Evangelism of the Westminster Confession


One response to this post.

  1. A followup meeting is an awesome idea. And we’ll have three sermons from the Rev. on the subject, too, so there should be plenty of food for thought.

    I love the “global warming” tag, very appropriate!


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