An Eschatological quiz

What’s your eschatology?
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You scored as Postmillenialist – [no kidding!]

You believe that Jesus will not return until the church has established his Kingdom on the earth. You think it is important that we have Christian rulers and institutions so that we can accomplish this goal.

Moltmannian Eschatology
Left Behind

8 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve taken this stupid thing three times now, and it keeps scoring me as an amil instead of postmil. So either the questions aren’t very good, or my Dutch Reformed roots are getting the better of me.


  2. That’s hilarious Mark!

    The quiz did say that I’m 90% Amil – whatever that means… As long as I’m 95% Postmil.

    I’m curious to know your particular answers… I don’t know if I remember my particular answers… It always depends on what mood I’m in whether I completely and absolutely disagree and somewhat, kind of, sort of disagree.


  3. Posted by Notliberal on Monday: May 05, 2008 at 7:41 AM

    This quiz declared me a Post-mil despite the fact that it scored me 100% post-mil AND 100% ah-mil. How can I be both? This is fast becoming a mid life crisis!


  4. 80 amil
    75 postmil

    Not bad considering I guess on half of them. My husband would be so proud. ;) As long as I am not left behind….


  5. Notliberal, I don’t get it either. I hear that there are many similarities between Amil and Postmil, and my Amil is close behind my Postmil, but in the end you and I are rated Postmil. However, I think this test is rigged somehow because if you add up all my percentages I have a total of 385%!! Am I 385% eschatologically-challenged??

    Lyd, You’re husband will be proud. No doubt, you Amillenialist.


  6. I was 99% Moltmannian Eschatology. I guess that I am as liberal as everyone thinks.


    Or I was pan mil.

    I mean….

    well, you know:


    It is nice to see that all the Tim LaHaye that Lydia reads is not affecting her ability to know biblical truth…


  7. Ironically I scored post-millennial on this test, and rated 0% for each of the seven options (which is about right). You just have to disagree with everything.


  8. 100% Amill
    75% Post

    I guess my presbyterian friends are rubbing off on me.


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