Hi folks (all 3 of you),

So I wasn’t able to post every day last week. Time has become tight.

This weekend Tammy and I went to Kitchener, ON to meet a good friend of the family, Mike Grounds. We also got to attend New Creation RPC, and had a blessed time of fellowship (and food). Our visit was short, but that’s okay because Mike is going to join at at the Internat’l RP conference at the end of the week.

I called this “Vacationing” because we have the RP Conference next week, then a trip to see my parents in Corry, PA, then in August Tammy’s family is having a family reunion in Vancouver. In other words, busy weeks ahead, so if i miss a few posts, bear with me. Thanks.

Also, during the car ride we have been listening to Dr Grier lecture on “Critical Thinking in the Ministry”, which we have both been enjoying. I will also try to get in some of Dr. Beeke’s “Modern Church History, part 1”.


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  1. Posted by Abigail D on Monday: July 14, 2008 at 3:01 PM

    Hey Shawn, my husband and I will be attending the international conference next week too, hope to connect with you and Tammy there!


  2. Hey Shawn,

    I found your blog through Nate’s site.

    It was nice to meet you and your wife yesterday. I managed to find the audio from the Biblical Evangelism conference. Hopefully I can get listening to that this weekend.



  3. meh. I’m vacationing next week too. Unfortunately, it won’t be with you guys at the RP conference. I’ll be boosting the Iowan economy post flooding. Maybe I’ll see ya’ll by September??


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