So much for my Summer Reading list!

So Friday it will be August 1st and I had grandiose ideas of a light summer full of reading and not full of classes. However, exactly the opposite happened. I took a June Evangelism class, which was great in and of itself, but I just finished my paper for that class. Then I have a taped course on Modern Church History w/ Dr. Beeke. Great stuff dealing with the Scholastic/Orthodox Protestants!

I did go to all of my profs asking if they could recommend one book that would strengthen my critical thinking or assist in developing more systematic thinking, and then a book which would strengthen my personal piety and zeal to glorify God and enjoy Him and His Word. In other words, books that would encourage my growth in grace and knowledge.

These were some of the recommendations, along with what I was personally pursuing:

Use Your Memory : understand your mind to improve your memory and mental power, by Tony Buzan

Princeton and Preaching : Archibald Alexander and the Christian Ministry, by James M Garretson

The Grace of Law; a study in Puritan theology, by Ernest F. Kevan

The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, by Tim Challies

A summa of the Summa : the essential philosophical passages of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa theologica, by Thomas, Aquinas;  Peter Kreeft

The One and the Many : studies in the philosophy of order and ultimacy, by Rousas John Rushdoony

Ministries of Mercy : the call of the Jericho road, by Timothy J Keller


I’ll give you a guess how many I started compared to how many I have completed…*sigh

Did you have a Summer Reading List?

Got any suggestions for books that encourage growth in grace and/or knowledge?

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  1. Posted by jlofton on Thursday: July 31, 2008 at 9:48 AM

    Rusdoonyite site; please visit/comment;


  2. I guess that jlofton only reads websites. Huh.

    I did not have one per se.

    I really only wanted to read 2 books for ‘fun’:

    The Reason For God by Keller

    Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace by Iain Murray.

    I have been through half of both thus far.

    Of course, I have been reading a million other things to wrap up seminary and for presbytery exams… but that does not count on my reading list.


  3. I’ve always considered the Bible good for growth in grace and/or knowledge.


  4. I know what you mean – I had about a two-week period where I wasn’t able to do any reading at all. I managed to get some in this summer, and I’d love to get a hold of Challies’ book one of these days. I did just score three volumes of a’Brakel, though, which ought to be enough for some time…


  5. Mark,

    Which volume of Brakel are you missing? I will look for you.


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