Uncle Jamie’s got a new CD out!!!

Jamie Soles has come out with a NEW CD, Pure Words. I just purchased a copy, so I have not yet heard it but I’m sure it will be great as his other CDs. Here is what Jamie had to say about it…

Pure Words is a collection of songs from the early Psalms…It seems to me that the Church should be singing the Psalms, her ancient songbook. In a number of places in the New Testament the psalms are spoken of or quoted as though they had been uttered by the Messiah. If this is the case, and I believe it is, and if the believer’s task in life is to grow more into the image of Jesus, then mastering the Psalms would be a wise way to learn the mind of Christ. Do you want to be like Jesus? Well, here is a treasure trove of the way that Jesus thinks and expresses Himself in song. Learn to sing them well. Jesus is pleased when His people know how He thinks.

Most of these songs are taken word for word from the ESV Bible. I have taken artistic license in a few places, particularly in older songs, but I have found that the ESV makes doing so unnecessary. There is something very musical about this translation, something which accommodates it to contemporary song without need of revision. This is a very good thing, because today’s churches need to be singing the Psalms, and doing so in a fashion which makes sense to the modern ear.

To the Church of Jesus Christ the King; may these songs be useful for you, and helpful in your pursuit of Him. (taken from http://inashoe.com/2008/08/07/download-free-music/)

Uncle Jamie travels to different Homeschooling conferences and other Church-related conferences. On one of his trips we got to visit with him. We were all hosted by the wonderful Evans family one Sabbath afternoon. Jamie played a lot of these Psalms and most of them could be sung in a congregational context. I’m very excited to hear these renditions come out and be used by the Church to worship our God.


Here is an Audio interview with Jamie from St. Anne’s Pub

Here is a transcript of an interview with Uncle Jamie @ The Working Class Blog

Here is an Audio interview with “Generations with Vision” program:
Music for our Children – Mining for Biblical Depth

You can also YouTube “Jamie Soles for some samples of his music.


Whether you’re looking for Christian music for your children, your family, or just yourself, the music of Jamie Soles is a sound, biblical, and highly listenable choice.

Hear the sounds, embrace the story!


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