Yeah… so I couldn’t stay away. I got a second wind…plus, dropping most of my classes this semester really freed up my time.

I am working full time to finish paying off my school debt, which seems like a good goal. The reality is, I can’t work full time and go to school full time. So I need to work hard and go back in the Fall. In the meantime, please pray for us and enjoy these 2 posts.

6 Reasons Pastors Should Blog

10 Blogging Commandments


3 responses to this post.

  1. glad to see you saw the light


  2. What if blogging keeps them occupied unnecessarily? Instead they could instead:

    1. Use the time to visit church members.

    2. Use the time to evangelize.

    3. Use the time to be with your own family.

    4. Use the time to prepare catechism classes for your own congregation.

    5. Use the time to engage in other forms of ministry.

    I always hear how ministers are very busy…I wonder if blogging would be a hindarence or a form of recreation. If the latter, then fine. If the former then they should not blog.

    My 2 pence.


  3. I fundamentally disagree with the notion that pastors should blog. To often I see pastors and their seminary students blog in such a way that divides the church rather than unites it. Blogging allows pastors to take extreme positions on irrelevant or inane subjects, offend other Christians for no apparent reason, divide the local church by unnecessarily taking positions on minor issues of controversy, divide the overall church by taking the position of the ‘frozen chosen’ looking down on everyone else and so on. I see more problems from pastors who blog and or seminary students who use their blog as their mouthpiece to the world. At the end of the day, these people are not representing themselves they are representing the church and in doing that all I’ve seen is trouble.

    The list you posted calls into question the motives of a pastor. Since when are pastors called on to ‘be known?’ Since when is a pastor supposed to be an international celebrity? Is blogging really the best way for a pastor to write? I have found that pastors or students who attempt to teach online either fail miserably because they can’t write well (there’s a difference between good writing and good speaking, some pastors are better suited to simply preach) or they come off as pompous know it all’s. The same with recommendations, there seems to be a disconnect between pastors, seminary students and the reality of the everyday lives of church members. We don’t have time to read every last book ever written by the Puritans, various Reformation authors or writers of today. The endless recommendations simply separate pastors from the average church member more so than they already are.

    I hotly contest the notion that blogging gives a pastor an eye for what is meaningful. What a blog really does is entrench a pastor into a certain position from which he will defend it come hell or high water. It’s no different than my political blog, I take my position and defend it at all costs. I take positions and defend them to no end for a living, my blog helps my skills. But do we really want pastors taking all or nothing positions on irrelevant or minor topics and then defending those positions to no end? That’s exactly what happens in the blog world, even if we want to sugar coat it and pretend that reality isn’t real.

    I’ve said more than my two cents worth. Ultimately, blogging is nothing but trouble for pastors, especially new ones. It should be avoided at all costs for the sake of the church and for the sake of the unity of the church. I say all of this assuming a pastor is public about who he is in his blogging. If he is anonymous online then I suppose we can disregard 80% of what I said.


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