Vote for a third party? and waste a vote?

Chris Ortiz over at The Chalcedon Foundation had some thoughts on Voting this Season.

Original post found HERE: How Then Shall We Vote?

How then shall we vote? Well, before I attempt to answer that “not-so-complex” question, allow me a moment to state first what I believe should be our larger concern.

What’s foremost is our acknowledgment that we’re engaged in a long-term battle that can be summarized in two steps: 1) save the country, and 2) save the country. No, you did not read that wrong. I stated the two ideas in the same phraseology. In other words, we have a short-term goal–relatively speaking–of working somewhat within the political process to both restore and preserve the original character of our nation. Under this rubric are such items as restoring a Constitutional Republic, ending federalism, a return to sound money, routing out the nefarious elements, putting an end to the state-sponsored murder of children, etc. Secondly, and contemporaneously, we are to seek the salvation of men. In short, save the country, so that we can continue to save men.

What this demonstrates is that we should be looking far beyond the 2008 presidential election. In fact, as I’ve written previously, the most important work we can do is to continue to educate friends, family, and the general public to the rising tyranny in this once-free America. We must share with them the Biblical ideals for how a society should be governed and that only a civil order based squarely upon God’s laws can truly prosper in security, well-being, and character… Read rest of post here.


I guess I should also link here who Ron Paul is endorsing for President this November, and it won’t be Obama or Palin… I mean McCain.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Excellent article. Hopefully some heed will be paid to it, and folks will either vote third party or not vote at all. Dunno how likely that is what with party pundits saying that (McCain/Obama) need to be voted against in THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER! But still.


  2. If only it was Palin and not McCain….


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