On a mission in Mission, TX

Those not local to Grand Rapids are not aware that Tam and I are on a mission…well more like an adventure. Full time work along with Full time seminary was getting old. I wasn’t really getting the work done like I needed to. However, gotta pay my student loans.

So I am doing travel nursing. My first assignment is here in Mission Texas. I work for a great company, so if any of you RNs are reading this and want to double your income, send me a private email and I will hook you up.

Tammy and I will blog about our trip down here sometime in the near future. We want to thank our dear friends in our home church, First RPC, for their loving send off. Also a special thanks to Ben and Kathryn Hart who we got to spend some time with, though not enough!


One response to this post.

  1. It’s cold here in Michigan. As soon as you left the snow came.

    Looking forward to many posts and pictures. Maybe Tam can set up a temp blog for pics and thoughts on the whole experience? That would be nice.

    So far feb 7 is my ordination. I am trying to change it to Feb 14. Can you make your next assignment in SoCal?


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