Possible Resolutions for the New Year 2009

New Years is not that big a deal to me, but it does cause me to reflect on opportunities to develop better habits of Christian living. I guess we will continue to work on paying off all of my debt which consists of the dreaded student loans. We are also continuing our work as a family to memorize outlines of each book of the Bible.  In light of the New Year, I thought I would post a few suggestions for you to consider as well.

Start with this article: “The Meaning of New Year’s Resolutions” over at the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights. It’s not Christ-centered, but it is a good motivator seeing through Biblical lenses.

Bible thru the year:  There are many ways to accomplish this. Check out “Between Two Worlds” blog on Justin Taylor’s suggestions how to accomplish this goal. He didn’t mention a couple sites I think are worth while: 1) Blue Letter Bible Daily Reading Program. 2) Michael Goheen’s Bible Reading Plans at the bottom of this page.

Calvin thru the year: Since this is the 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth (aka an excuse to promote a Reformed worldview) many have suggested different ways to become more familiar with Calvin’s writings. Two resources include: 1) Read thru the Institutes in a year – the thing I like most about this is that it leaves off the Sabbath day so that you can do other reading on that day. and 2) 365 Days with Calvin by RHB — A unique collection of 365 readings from the writings of John Calvin, selected and edited by Joel R Beeke.

Challies offers his own list HERE.


If you would like a resource for goal-setting check out Joe’s Goals.


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