Top 10 RC Sproul Lectures per Ligonier Resources

Robert Rothwell over at Ligonier posted the Top Ten RC Sproul Lectures (in his opinion). [HT: Resurgencewho also provide a link to Mark Driscoll’s interview of Dr. Sproul.]

He explains why he chose each one, so check out the post.

One of the great joys of writing the daily studies for Tabletalk and performing various other editorial tasks is that I must regularly listen to the teaching series that Ligonier Ministries has produced. Recently, I was asked to list what I believe to be the top ten lectures from R.C. While others might disagree with what follows at certain points, this list represents what I have found to be the most important and useful messages that R.C. has ever delivered.

10. “Knowing Each Other” from The Intimate Marriage

9. “The Beauty of Worship” from Worship

8. “The Sword and the Keys” from Church and State

7. “What Is Free Will?” from Chosen by God

6. “Finding a Job that Fits” from Knowing God’s Will

5. “What About Human Freedom?” from The Providence of God

4. “The Drama of Redemption” from The Cross of Christ

3. “The Great Exchange” from Justification by Faith Alone

2. “Counting It All Joy” from Joy

1. “The Importance of Holiness” and “The Trauma of Holiness” from The Holiness of God

I have heard multiple people say that they thought one of the best lectures by RC Sproul was at the 2008 T4G conference. So I’ll link that as well.

  • RC Sproul The Curse Motif of the Atonement

    Download Session V


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