Herman Witsius — The Practice of Christianity

Thank you Wes White!

From Johannes Weslianus…

Herman Witsius (1636–1708) was without question one of the greatest Reformed theologians in the latter half of the 17th century. He taught theology successively at Franeker, Utrecht, and then Leyden. He wrote many books on theological and philological matters. In addition, he was a pious man who wrote several shorter works of piety.

One of those works is entitled The Practice of Christianity. It was written originally in Dutch in 1665. It was translated and then published in French at Lausanna in 1731 by a Mr. A. Ruchat who had apparently studied under Witsius at Leyden. Mr. Ruchat describes it well as a book that teaches us not only how we are “to be saved, but also how we can live in that consolation and assurance that we are actually in a state of salvation” (from the Preface).

I have decided to present to the public on my blog an English translation of the French translation of this work. Though translating from a translation is not the most scholarly thing to do, I think the work is sufficiently valuable and helpful to make this a worthwhile attempt.

Chapter 1 — On Holy Scripture

Chapter 2 — On the True Religion

Chapter 3 — Self-Denial

Chapter 4 — On Faith


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